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Salt therapy and Quit Smoking programme offer for Premium Customers

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Do you suffer from the typical symptoms of allergy like sneezing, itchy eyes, strong cough ?

There is a special, natural way to get rid of the symptoms. Are you familiar with dry salt therapy ? Salt therapy artificially creates the healing climate of natural salt mines. Salt mines can be found in Austria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine but not in Hungary. The clean air of the salt mines full of small salt particles has been used to improve respiratory problems – like asthma, allergy, lung diseases – for hundreds of years.
You don’t have to travel, you can enjoy the treatment in Budapest!

A series of saltroom sessions cleans the lung, reduces irritation of the nose, throat and the eyes. The result is a much better health condition without any side effect. There is no need for medicine intake, no sleepiness occurs. Natural products are also available that increase the effectiveness of the salt therapy. Try them and become healthier!

Tatra Saltroom offers you and your family members 20% discount on each entry ticket – single or packaged for 5-10-15 sessions.

Here you can find more details in English about the scientific background of salt therapy.

Quit Smoking programme

If you have a motivation to quit smoking and look for a reliable method to support you, you can stop searching.

A proven, complex method that combines modern technology (bioresonancy equipment) and ancient healing (ear acupuncture) with the power of herbs (Bach-flower therapy) ensures that you will be able to overcome the addictive power of the nicotine. Continuous mental support helps you to stay decided and independent of the temptation of the cigarette.

In addition your lung will be cleaned from the residue of smoking by dry salt therapy sessions.

No comparable treatment exists in the world!

As a Premium Customer you will receive 10% off of the regular price of the Quit Smoking programme.


Tátra Sóbarlang (Tatra Saltroom), Tátra u. 31. Budapest, district 13. (5 minutes walk from the Westend shopping mall and from the Margaret bridge)

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 8:00 to 12:00 & 14:00 to 20:00
Sat: 10:00 to 16:00
(The duration of one session is 40 mins.)

Prices (HUF)

Salt therapy – prices below include 20% discount

adult + 1 child child (under 14) pensioner or student
(with student card)
1 session 1.280 480 1.280
5 sessions 5.200 2.200 3.600
10 sessions 9.600 4.000 6.000
15 sessions 14.000 5.600 8.400

Quit smoking programme (including 10% discount) – 15.210

Üdülési csekk” is accepted and the saltroom is contracted with the following health insurance companies.

Validation of your discount rate: Just tell your company name at the reception of the Saltroom and you will receive the above discounts.

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